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For a property of Lolldaiga’s size and ecological importance, to survive and continue to play a significant role in the lives of Kenya’s people and wildlife, it has become increasingly necessary to find innovative management solutions so as to adapt to changing times. Operational overheads must maintain conservation and community support programmes and ensure the property’s long term sustainability.

Lolldaiga operates on a profitable basis: investment in infrastructure such as perimeter fencing, anti-poaching, community support initiatives and wildlife monitoring remains an ongoing commitment.  The owners, together with an advisory board (experienced conservation, business and sustainable development professionals) have initiated the restructuring of the property to enable conservation investment with a long term commitment to the ongoing management aims, which are to:

  • Optimise enterprise-based conservation and community support programmes

  • Satisfy political imperatives by maximising employment, taxable revenues and land-use productivity in the context of enterprise-based conservation

  • Sustain and provide wildlife habitat as cost-efficiently as possible

  • Allow for collaborative conservation management with neighbouring landowners and communities

  • Attract conservation-focused investors to share in the benefits and costs of Lolldaiga’s programmes

  • Allow for donor support for community conservation and sustainable enterprise projects

  • Realise the potential of Lolldaiga’s enterprise returns as part of a wider conservation area

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