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Lolldaiga Hills Ranch is a 200 km2 (49,000 acre) cattle ranch and wildlife conservancy. Located 20 km north west of Mount Kenya at an altitude of 1,800 – 2,300 m, the Ranch has outstanding views of Mount Kenya and the Aberdares. The Lolldaiga Range is an ancient land form, comprising of a series of magnificent high folding hills, cedar forests, open grassland and wooded valleys. 
All visits to Lolldaiga are on a pre-booking and pre-payment basis only and are subject to availability.  Please contact to make your reservations.
NOTE: All visitors must fill out an indemnity form on arrival, to be handed in at the second gate.
What To Do


The Lolldaiga Hills is home to a vast array of flora and fauna. We have four of the ‘Big Five’ (no Rhino) as well as Cheetah, Giraffe, Hartebeest, Oryx and Eland among others. Our roads pass through and beside diverse habitats – hilltops, valleys, dams, open plains and bush; making for a scenic and varied game drive. If you are unfamiliar with the roads, please take a map with you.


We can organise walks with our guide and an armed ranger, subject to availability and number of people per group. Walking gives you the chance to see some of the smaller flora and fauna that you may miss on game drives, as well as some incredible views. Please inform the guide of how far you would like to walk and the level of difficulty. We have some very steep hills and are at a high altitude. When walking please wear neutral/bush coloured clothes, carry plenty of water and follow any safety instructions that the guide/ranger may give you.


The prime bird-watching sites here are at dams. We recommend parking your car, getting comfortable, and sitting for a couple of hours with a good pair of binoculars and camera. We have Giant Kingfishers, Black Storks, and numerous birds of prey. We are in the process of compiling a species list so for those of you that are experienced birders, please record and pass on any interesting finds.


Lolldaiga has, for thousands of years, been a meeting point for the people living across the landscape. On the western side of the ranch is an ancient cave, the roof of which has been blackened by countless fires as people kept safe and warm at night. The walls feature a directory of cattle brands according to each tribe, first painted between one to four thousand years ago. The rocks in front have been polished to a varnished perfection by humans and wildlife over the years. These visits must be accompanied by our ranger and are subject to availability and number of people per group.


One of our best picnic spots is the large dam you pass on the left hand side on the way in to the Farmhouse. Under the shade of fig tree you can relax whilst, if you’re lucky, elephants, zebra and waterbuck, among others, come down to drink. 


Around every corner you can find somewhere beautiful to stop and enjoy a delicious drink as the sun goes down. 

Where to stay


Lolldaiga House, a private family home built in 2016, offers guests a magnificent setting from which to enjoy Lolldaiga. Six double ensuite bedrooms with extraordinary views, a heated swimming pool and a superb team of staff to look after you make for the perfect home safari. 

To book contact: 

or call +254 (0) 725 171 429

Lolldaiga House was built in 2016 as a private family home. It comprises six double ensuite bedrooms and has exceptional views down to the north, a solar heated swimming pool and a superb team of staff to take care of you.


To book contact:

+254 (0) 725 171 429


Lolldaiga is a truly superb spot for camping, offering visitors a chance to properly enjoy the wilderness. Our main campsite, Whistling Thorn, is well prepared for guests with long-drop loos and beautiful views. 

To book contact:

or call +254 (0) 794 676 250



Citizens: Ksh 2,000 per adult per day, Ksh 1,000 per child per day (5-15 yrs)

Residents: Ksh 4,000 per adult per day, Ksh 2,000 per child per day (5-15 yrs)
Non-residents: $120 per adult per day, $60 per child per day (5-15 yrs)


Pay with Mpesa:

  • Go to Paybill

  • Enter business No. 910 200

  • Enter Account No. 2190 0085 41

  • Enter amount



Non-commercial campers pay an individual camping fee plus conservation fees, per individual per night. Professional organisations pay a standard camp fee per night, for the whole camp, plus conservation fees per individual per night. Please contact for rates and further information. 




Lolldaiga House is available on an exclusive-use basis. Please email or call +254 725 171 429 for more information, or have a look at their website


Annual individual and family passes are now available for unlimited access (except when the ranch is closed). Please

contact us on for prices and additional information. 

Code of conduct.jpg

Below is the Lolldaiga Hills Code of Conduct which all visitors must adhere to:



Entrance to Lolldaiga Hills Ranch is strictly on a pre-booking basis only.

  • Please read, sign, and give the Indemnity Form to the guard at the second gate on arrival (download the Indemnity Form here).

  • You may game drive anywhere on the Lolldaiga Hills but please do not drive off-road. Be careful of old tracks (they may have large Aardvark holes) and avoid roads that are boggy in the rainy season.

  • The speed limit is 40 KPH.

  • Be alert for wildlife at all times and please be considerate when viewing animals. Do not make excessive noise on game drives – it may frighten the animals and make them aggressive. Animals have right of way.

  • Do not leave your vehicle on game drives, except in designated areas. If riding, do not dismount in the presence of wildlife.

  • Do not discard litter or cigarette butts anywhere on the Ranch.

  • Please do not damage or remove any flora or fauna, including bones and plants.

  • Never feed the wildlife. It will habituate the animals, cause unnecessary dependence on humans and possibly harm to the animal.

  • If you see or hear anything out of the ordinary please report it to the gate guard (mobile no. 0797-177437)

  • Please do not walk without an armed ranger. Please do not run anywhere on the ranch.

Code of Conduct
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